Pony’s Creed Revalations/ Dr. Whooves

Luna paced her palace floor in worry as Celestia walked in.

“What is it sister?”

“The assassins, they’ve gone rouge. There a nightmare.”

“Ah, the assassins.”

“You know of them?”

“Yes. They are called the Pony’s Creed. An ancient creed of pony’s who have been found in several moments in history.”

“We’ll we can use your knowledge to stop them. Let’s go!”

“Wait sister. I must warn you that these assassins are a force to be reckoned with. Mysterious disappearances and battles appear around them. They are shrouded in mystery and appear and disappear without a trace. They will not mess around. If there is an objective they will achieve it with extreme efficiency and nopony who is their objective escapes.”

“But they have encountered me and I’ve lived.”

“Then you were not what they were after.”

“How much do you know of these assassins?”

“Enough to know that if you become a target you may not be happy.”

Chrysalis searched through the city with lightning upon her back sleeping. Thunder met pace with Chrysalis and began to speak.

“Where are we going, and what did you mean when you said the true meaning of this event?”

“Shh.” Chrysalis grabbed thunder and held her mouth. Two guards passed by. “Look there.” Chrysalis pointed to a building with a Pony’s Creed symbol upon the door.

“The assassins.” The group made their way to the building and walked to the door. Chrysalis knocked on the door and a piece of wood slid to reveal two eyes.

“Who are you.” Chrysalis laid Lightning down and stood on her hind legs. She crossed her hooves over her chest and drew her blades. The door opened to a tapestry decorated corridor. Each tapestried was decorated with a golden assassin’s insignia on it. Chrysalis picked up lightning and the group walked into the building.

“It’s bigger on the inside.” Octavia mummed to herself. The corridor opened abruptly to a large room with a intricately carved table in it’s center. There were assassins suits along the back wall and tapestry covered walls. Chrysalis laid Lightning on the table. A noise began to flood the room. Like a rope being pulled on a metal beam. The ponies looked around and trying to locate the source. Drepy looked to an object coming into focus. Fading in and out of existence.

“Is that….?” A blue police public call box appeared. The door opened to the noise of a voice.

“Where’s the fez? Never mind I’ll buy one later.” A light brown stallion appeared from the box. The group shouted in unison.


“What are you lot staring at?” The Doctor looked at the group. “Oh, Derpy!”

“Hi Doctor.” Derpy smiled and hugged the stallion.

“Um, dad I think I found the…” Lightning walked out of the TARDIS with a fez upon his head.

“Lightning!!!?” The group yelled at the stallion. Octavia and Vinyl looked back to see another Lightning on the table.

“What? It’s not the first time I’ve played you lot.” Lightning looked to his doppelganger on the table and gasped. “I spent hours on that. What did he do?” Lightning studied the duplicate carefully. He flipped it to its chest and pulled a chip from the back of the head. “Aw, now that’s a shame. Bloke wore himself out.”

“Lightning, why are there two of you. And why is your father here?” Octavia looked at the stallion in confusion.

“He’s a duplicate I made. He was meant to be here while I got preparations ready.” Alter Air walked to the stallion with Orchid next to him.

“Preparations for what?”

“Can’t tell you.”

“Why not?” Asked Orchid.

“Spoilers.” Lightning held out a note to the couple. Alter took it into his hooves and nodded.

“Where are they going?” Asked Lyra.

“They have a mission of there own. Now down to business. There is a war coming. A big one. And I want to ask you all. The biggest question of your lives.”

“What Lightning? What is it?” Thunder asked looking straight into his eyes.

“Will you stand for the New Lunar Republic? Or join The Solar Empire? For Luna? Or for Celestia?” The ponies pondered. “Allow me to elaborate. “Luna wants unity, equality, and freedom for all. Celestia wants things as they are and order.” The ponies fell silent. For a few minuets the room remained quiet. Then Chrysalis stepped forward.

“For the Republic.” Everypony looked at her quietly. Chrysalis sat down next to Lightning. Lightning stepped forward next.

“For the Republic.” Derpy did the same.

“Republic.” Lyra then stepped forward. She looked back at Bon-Bon for a moment.

“The Republic.” Bon-Bon followed suit. The Doctor looked to his spouse.

“Republic.” Vinyl looked to the group.

“Republic.” Octavia looked at the now large group.

“For The New Lunar Republic.”

“Ok, so we’ve made our decision. But I,m guessing you want some clarity.” Thunder gave a confused face.

“What do you mean?”

“The clone.” The group looked to the inanimate body on the table.

“Ok, and our mission.” Octavia said whilst checking her blades.

“So the clone I made was to act and do as I would probably do in situations. Your mission was a wild goose chase. It was meant to keep you busy while The Doctor, Discord, and I got preparations ready.”

“Preparations?” Lyra asked in a confused tone. “For what?” Lightning kept silent for a few moments.

“War.” The ponies fell silent.

“You mean that we went on a useless mission to let you make preparations for war?” Vinyl seemed confused and disoriented. “Then when we get back we better get ready.”

“Oh, no not immediately.” Said the Doctor as he cut in. “Not until four years from our time.” We better tell Celestia that the mission was a success. Alright everyone into the TARDIS.” Thunder spoke out.

“Doctor who?”

“Just, the Doctor.” The group entered the TARDIS as Thunder looked in awe.

“It’s bigger on the inside.”

“Yes it is.” Thunder poked her head out of the TARDIS to see a small police box.

“How is it doing that?”

“Time lord technology. TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space.” The Doctor pulled a lever on the console on the center of the room. “Allons-y!” The TARDIS shook and its signature noise started up again. after a few seconds a warping noise began followed by a thud. “Ah, here we are. Present day.” The group walked out

“Uhh.” Lightning stopped abruptly.

“Hello Lightning.” Celestia looked directly at the stallion. “That was quite fast.” The Doctor walked from his TARDIS.

“Hello princess. How long were we gone?” Luna answered.

“You just missed yourselves. It was just a few seconds.” Thunder gave a confused look. She grabbed lightning.

“How does this work?”

“Well the TARDIS is both a space ship and time machine, and the doctor dropped us off a few seconds after we left.” Thunder looked at the time portal. The Doctor walked to the two ponies.

“You see Ms. Cloud, time is not linear. It’s sort of this mass of wibelly wobbely timey wimey, yea.”

“Doctor Whooves.” Celestia called out. Both Lightning and the Doctor responded.


“Doctor Lightning Whooves.”


“There’s somepony who wants to see you.”

“Is it a student?”

“No.” Lightning pulled his wand and spread his giant wings. Then a small voice called.

“Daddy?” Lightning dropped his wand and fell to the ground as a small light blue filly walked from behind the throne. Lightning was speechless and could only smile. The filly ran to Lightning. Lightning held her and hugged her.

“From now on your staying with me.” Lightning stood to his hind legs and held the filly his fore hooves. “Everypony can go home now.” Lightning walked into the TARDIS and closed the door.

“He does know we are still out here right?” The Doctor opened the door and made a gesture with his hoof. “Come Derpy.” The other ponies made their way to the train station. The TARDIS door opened and Lightning called out.

“Thunder come on.” Thunder moved away from the group and into the TARDIS. Thunder looked to Lightning to see him sitting down with his daughter on a bench across from the center console. Thunder walked to the two. The small filly spoke as she saw her.

“Hello miss.” Thunder looked at the filly.

“Your not afraid of a batpony?”

“No miss, why?”

“Well nopony likes batponies.”

“Well that’s not true. My daddy is part batpony and I love him.” Lightning looked to the filly and smiled. Fangs soon became visible. The filly hugged her father.

“Lightning?” Lightning looked to Thunder. “Whats the name of your daughter?”

“Snowdrop.” Thunder gave a confused look.

“That can’t be. Snowdrop was around over a thousand years ago.” The little filly spoke out.

“I’m a time anomaly. I am not the actual Snowdrop.” Thunder moved her ears. “I don’t hear the TARDIS. Are we waiting for somepony?”

“Yes, my sister Chrysalis.”

“Auntie Chrysalis is coming?” Spoke Snowdrop. Chrysalis came through the door. “Chrysalis!” The filly ran to the changeling mare and hugged her.

“Hello little one.”

“Ok everypony, remember how to pilot the TARDIS?” The ponies ran to a panel and Thunder looked in confusion. She looked at little Snowdrop pulling lever and flipping switches next to her father. The two so focused on their task. The doctor handling two panels. Derpy and Chrysalis also focused on their own panels. The TARDIS began its signature noise then a warp followed be a thud. “Here we are, present day Ponyville.” The group walked out  and started to chat among themselves. Thunder observed a smile appear on Lightnings face and his daughter on his back. Thunder followed behind Lightning. Chrysalis opened the door to a building letting the others in. Thunder kept on starring at Lightning with his daughter. She watched as Chrysalis sat next to them. Laughing. Talking. Speaking of adventures.

“Whats the matter?” Thunder looked behind her to see Derpy.

“Nothing, Lightning just looks so happy. I’ve never seen him like this before.”

“Yes, It has been a while since I have seen my son like this.” The two watched the group as they happily conversed. Chrysalis turned to Snowdrop.

“I just remembers that there is somepony I want you to meet.” Chrysalis walked to another room and when she walked out next to her was a young Luna. No crown hoof armor or metal neck plate. Snowdrop looked at the alicorn. The two starred at each other for a few seconds. The little Luna smiled.

“Hi.” Snowdrop looked at her.


“Not exactly, well I am. But I’m not. Er? well I’m a time anomaly. So I am Luna, but I’m not.”

“I understand.” Luna looked at the filly. “I am also an anomaly.” Snowdrop looked to her father. Chrysalis spoke.

“We found her on Gallopfrey.”

“Is she a time lord?”

“That’s the thing. She isn’t.” Snowdrop dashed to her father and whispered into his ear. Lightning nodded. The two walked to the little Luna. Lightning knelled down.

“Would you like to be my daughter?” Luna’s face lit up with a smile as she hugged the two.


Red: The Doctor?

(The continuation of Red’s story.)

I had made preparations for months. Old memories of the human world were returning. I could remember walking around Rome. I wonder if the other being is still there. I looked at the stuff I had in my bag. Two blades that came out when i flicked my wrists a certain way, some books, my X-box remote and gaming headphones, Assassin’s Creed Unity, my DS and a few Pokemon games, my Assassin’s Creed Arno themed coat, and a toy Sonic Screwdriver.

“Red we need to go, like right now.” I looked at Violet standing at the door. I picked up the sports bag. I fitted the blades to the wrists of my paws and put the Arno cloak as I made my way to the door.

“So whats the location were headed to in the human world?” I looked to ledge near by. Making a mad dash I grabbed the ledge and hoisted my self up.

“When ever you put that stuff on you do the most ridiculous things.” Violet was rolling her eyes. I couldn’t help but laugh. We made our way to the spacial tower. I greeted others as we walked along the shattered city. As we reached the tower I looked to the top. I watched as a small figure on the top waved. Looking behind me I estimated the distance from me to the building and the distance to the top. “Red? What are you thinking?” I could hear the worry in her voice. I looked to Violet and smiled.

“I’m gonna jump.”

“Are you mad?!”

“Absolutely.” I curled my tails and looked to the top of the massive tower. I allowed a burst of energy to flow to my hind legs. With a push I was able to make it to the hole where I found my son Dan-Dan standing with his Scythe of Chronos. And now hes the lord of time. Kitsune looked at me awkwardly as I was hanging from the ledge. “Hep.”


“Hep.” I said once more. I could feel myself sliding. I pulled the hookblade and tried to gain a grip. I fell but the hook at the end caught on to a ledge. I pulled my self up using the other hookblade on my right paw. “Never mind.” Looking to see my genetic mother standing next to a large machine. “So whats the mission?” The silver furred nine tails turned to me. She had eyes of icy blue and hair upon her head the color of a glacier, long and wavy. Looking to her hip I noticed a french saber and an intricate hilt and guard. “Your mystery fox escaped into the 21st century A.D” I remember going to that century several times. Mostly for comic-con.

“Ok so I guess I can go now?”

“No, you must wait for the others.”

“Others?” I asked curiously.

“Them.” She pointed behind me. “There already in human form.” I looked to see a female around 5′ 7″ with green boots that came half way up her shins that had two points that extended further up to her knee. A red pink color surrounded the top of the boots. She wore denim shorts and a black belt. The sheath of her sword was held by another belt coming across her abdomen and down to her hip with a metal ring in the middle. That was supported by a “Y” shaped strap across her stomach and another belt right below her chest with a “3” in it’s center. A tan shirt under said straps. She wore a green scarf which faded to magenta. Her hair was a light shade of green at its tips that became maroon as it reached the center of her head. The lass had a cloak of leaf green that reached down to her heels that ended in three tips and near her rear were a few pointed pieces of cloth. Her sleeves let her shoulders show and had magenta at the ends with three leaf-like pieces upon the upper sleeve. Under the cloak was a light green transparent cloak. Her eyes were red as mine were.

“Hi.” The female waved to me. I waved back but I didn’t recognize her.

“Might I ask your name?” She pulled her rapier and wiped it around.

“You really don’t recognize my spiritual pressure?” I could definitely feel something familiar. Something that reminded me of home.

“V-Verizion?” An old friend that took care of me when I was young. Her name wasn’t actually Verizion she just liked that name. It was the name of her favorite Pokémon. Her real name was Aiko Ezio. I looked to her left to see an archer with a longbow. My daughter who had light brown hair and was an adolescent as Verizion was. Looking to see that she still had her long ears and fluffy tail along with a black hoodie and blue jeans. I looked lower to see a pair of convers shoes. Her eyes were a golden color like that of honey. My spouse was by her side. A male adolescent with red hair and two sky blue tuffs of hair coming off behind his ears. A plain white shirt overlapped by a blue jacket littered with pockets held a strap across his body which held his sword to his back. It was a simple long sword but he used it ever so professionally. Basic pants were held up by a belt with an Assassin’s creed insignia as the buckle. And another one of my children standing to the left of Verizion. Red II, she had a maroon red cloak and a white t-shirt with a Pokeball on it. The cloak reached down to her heels where two maroon boots where and a short skirt was at her hips. Looking to see her face a pointed maroon wizard-like hat cover her head and orange hair flow down from it. A belt around the cloak made an hour glass shape that narrowed at her hips. The belt held a katana where the hilt protruded from her right. A wand with a flame was held in her left hand. I took one more look at her face to see two orange eyes and and adolescent girl with a peach colored fluffy tail..

“Mum, you still need your human form.” My daughter looked to me. I looked down at myself to still see a nine tailed fox standing before them.

“Oh, well gimme a mo.” I surrounded myself with flames which swelled burned around me. It got real bright and real hot. The flames soon dispersed  and shattered and shimmered like glass. I held my paw in front of but it was no longer a paw. I saw fingers, and a palm. I looked behind me to see that my tails were still there for some reason. I felt the top of my head to notice that I still felt my ears. “I don’t carry a mirror on me, uhh.” I looked around for a surface and noticed a window nearby and walked to it. “Oh, this is new.” I was still in my Arno Assassin’s Creed coat. I looked at myself noticing a maroon haired lass. My hair was frizzed about like I had just woken up. A pair of goggles were visible upon my head. Under the cloak was an eevee Pokemon t-shirt and a short pink mahogany. Looking further down I saw my two pink boots with three short metal claws. I looked to my face again to see red eyes. My signature red eyes. I did a basic jump and felt something cold against my leg when I landed. I moved my cloak to see a french saber. As I looked to the reflective window again I saw a long katana across my back. “Hmm, interesting.” I looked to my genetic mother. “Did you update my human form?”

“Yea, I did. It has to age with you remember?”

“Uh, yea but you did a complete remodel.” I threw a few jabs. “It’ll take some getting used to.” I pulled my hood over my head. “Shall we go.”

“Oi!!” I looked behind me to see another adolescent. No two. A boy and girl. It was Violet and Color. Color had a blue sports jacket and some jeans. I could see his converse shoes and a plain white t-shirt. His hair was a dark blue with two tuffs of white covering his ears. His eyes were blue and held a gentel look. Next to him his sister. A girl with red hair and some small streaks of white in it. Her hands covered with leather gloves and her fore arms had two metal parts covering half of her fore arms. A red coat was over a blue exorcist shirt and blue skirt that reached to her knees. Her eyes were yellow like honey and she seemed a little upset. I looked to see that her coat reached down to her calfs and noticed she was barefoot as usual. “Are you daft! You could have been killed! You daft girl I hate it when you do that.”

“Jeez sis calm down.” All i did was smile and laugh. “It’ll take allot more than that to kill me.”

“I know, I just worry that you might hit something that’s as stubborn as you one day.” Violet hugged me and then smiled.

“Alright, now we can go.” Color said as he walked to the machine and began to start it up. I looked at my wrist to remember that I still had my hook blades. A portal opened to see a street. I ran in.


“Mum!” I didn’t take time to think. Looking to the street I saw a large clock tower. “Mum, what were you thinking? You left us back there!” I looked to my daughter and smiled. She groaned. All I did was laugh. “It’s no laughing matter.” I laughed even harder.

“You sound British!” Tears filled my eyes. I was laughing too hard. I looked at my daughter to see that she was my previous regeneration. “Oh, skinny. That is proper skinny. I’ve never seen it from the outside, it’s like a special effect!” I walked to my daughter. Looking intently I looked to the previous form which I never paid attention to. “Well everything is pretty much the same. Minus the accent. I’m Japanese.”

“Were wasting time. Come on.” Verizion said. Stern as usual. She instructed my brother and sister to follow her and they left. Just interested is all. Lets see, hmm. I examined my surroundings. I ran to a wall grabbing ledges and protruding bricks pulling myself to the roof. One landmark made me realize where I was. London, Britain. Big Ben gave it away.

Celestian tournament.

Lightning and his daughter dashed to the train station in a hurry to get a to the train.

“Dad were gonna be late!”

“Nope” Lightning picked up Snowdrop and like his old assassin days made his way on top of the roof of the train station and made a leap of faith into a cart a pony was pulling along with him. Lightning made his way to a stallion next to the train handing him two tickets and boarding the train. “Told ya we’d make it.” Lightning huffed and tried to regain his breath. Lightning looked up to see his mum sitting on a seat across the room.

“Hi son.” Lightning smiled. He picked up his now slightly grown filly. Half his height and beginning to look like a mare.

“Hi mum.” Lightning responded. Snowdrop waved. “Luna is with you da?” A little Luna poked from behind Derpy. “And Celestia?” A small Celestia younger then Luna poked out. Lightning had them gather around. “Are you ready for your first gaming tournament?” The three nodded. “Alright perfect.” The train reached Canterlot and the ponies made their way to the castle. Lightning walked with his daughters and met his spouse. The batpony named Thunder. As Lightning and his family made their way he met many old friends.

“Lightning!” A dark pink alicorn with pink and blue hair with green eyes waved to him. She had a cutiemark of 10.

“Hi Proto!” The alicorn joined the group. Lightning spotted a white unicorn with blue frizzed hair and tail. His cutiemark a zero. Lightning called out.

“Zero!” The unicorn joined the group. A white pegasus with a crimson mane and a cutiemark of 3 flew down and spoke.

“Hey Lightning. It’s been a while.” Lightning and the stallion bumped hooves.

“Crimson, how you been.” He to joined the group. The now large group approached the castle walking into a large ball room. Ponies all over the place. Two large doors opened as the large crowd fell silent. The older Celestia walked to the crowd.

“Greetings ponies of Equestria! Welcome to the first annual Equestrian gaming tournament! Today begins the largest international tournament in Equestrian history! Mind the rules! When you enter the game you cannot leave unless you die or achieve victory! If you die your gamer tag will turn red and you will be disqualified! Along the walls are metal plates! Each of you will lay on one and place your helmet upon your head! After you do so you will enter the virtual world!” The ponies each placed themselves to a plate and put their helm’s on. Lightning watched panels appear and pice together the envirment around him. A menu popped up and he began to select settings. Snowdrop selected her settings, as well as Proto and Zero. Next Derpy, Luna, and Celestia. Lightning soon appeared in a grassy feild. Weirdly structured rocks decorated the landscape. Planes floated high in the sky. A blue sky with clouds streaked across it. Lightning walked and felt something bump his side. Looking down he saw a black sheath. The hilt was long. Most likely two handed. The guard was a black moon. He drew the sword. A long sleek curved black blade was drawn from the sheath.

Lightning Whooves: “Sick!” Lightning pulled up the stats on his sword in the menu. A night steel katana. Snowdrop spawned on a plane covered in grass with a small pond to her left. Snowdrop walked to the edge looking down. The platform was several hundred meters in the air. She noticed a leather strap across her chest. Snowdrop reached to her back feeling a hilt. She pulled the sword to see it. A clear blue cold broad blade was soon visible. A one handed sword. Looking at the menu reading Sword of Absolute Zero.

Snowdrop Whooves: “Wicked.” She spread her wings as she noticed a small town it the distance. Proto spawned in a small town square with an intricate fountain in the center. Looking to her hoof she saw a golden scepter with a black stone at the end. Looking up she watched players and NPC’s walk about. Looking to her left the saw a recognizable set of stallions.

Absolute Zero: “Hey!”

Crimson wings: “Heyoh!”

Princess Proto: “Hi!” Derpy also spawned in the town. In a shop with her two grand daughters.

Derpy hooves: “Hi little ones.”

Luna and Celestia Whooves: “Hi.” Thunder cloud spawned on top of a building in the same town. She looked down to the plaza to see players everywhere. Looking to her side a broad sword was visible. Looking at her menu reading Canterlot Broad Sword.

Thunder Whooves: “Hmm.” Spotting Proto she made her way to the group. Lightning and Snowdrop soon appeared.

Snowdrop Whooves: “Hi dad.”

Lightning Whooves: “Whats up.”

Princess Proto: “Alright gamer’s, what have we got as our occupations?

Absolute Zero: “Prophet.”

Lightning Whooves: “Blacksmith.”

Snowdrop Whooves: “Traveler.”

Crimson Wings: “Flight Captain.”

Thunder Whooves: “Traveler.”

Lightning Whooves: “What about you Proto?”

Princess Proto: “Hmm…” Proto looked at her profile menu scrolling through it. “Whoa.”

Crimson Wings: “What is it?”

Princess Proto: “Badge boss.”

12 Online files

Badge Boss: A challenge to every player to reach the final boss. There are twelve Badge bosses. A player must collect all 12 badges to reach the final boss and win the game.

Snowdrop Whooves: “Oh, man.”

Princess Proto: “I didn’t apply for this.”

?????: “Greetings Ponies!” Everypony turned to see Celestia in shining golden armor with a golden staff. “Welcome to 12 Online! You all have come for the largest gaming tournament in Equestrian history! Now for your objective! You are to collect all 12 badges to challenge the final boss! The badge bosses are Cutlass, Bon-Bon, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Lyra, Black Magic, Princess Proto, Nobel Sword, Radio Magic, Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody, and finally Twilight Sparkle! In that order! Each boss will get stronger an stronger as you progress! What you do to train or if you make Guilds is up to you! That is all!”

Crimson Wings: “Wow, she put three of Los Diez Regalos into the mix of leaders, and several of our friends.”

Princess Proto: “well we best be going our separate ways.” The ponies nodded and all left.

Thunder Whooves: “Lightning.” Lightning turned around. “Snowdrop honey.” Snowdrop did the same. “Do be careful.” Lightning smiled and ran.

Snowdrop Whooves: “I’ll be fine.” The ponies made their own ways. Each with a mission and path of their own. Lightning, the blacksmith. Thunder and Snowdrop, the travelers. Proto, the badge boss. Zero, the prophet. Crimson, the flight captain. Basic play went on for the first month of the tournament. Uneventful level grinding. Till guilds started being formed. As well as a mysterious player.

????: “Get her!” Snowdrop dashed through the forest trying to escape the players.

????: “You ain’t gonna survive!” Snowdrop reached a stone wall. The players surrounded her. Snowdrop looked to her surroundings. Nothing usable to her skill set. Only a Lv. 19.

????: “Your gonna give us that item!” A figure dropped on top of the stallion. Two hidden blades digging into the pony. The victim’s gamer tag turned red.

????: “Wh-white cloak. Two hidden blades. A sleek black sword. Pegasus. The assassin, I’ve found him!” The players charged but were easily disposed of. The players rose to their hind hooves with red tags. The assassin drew the sword and the players dashed off in fear.

Snowdrop Whooves: Wh- who are you?” The assassins giant wings were spread out wide.

The assassin: “Are you alright?” A strong Istallian (Italian) accent emanated from the figure.

Snowdrop Whooves: “Y-yes.”

The assassin: “Malto bene.” The assassin walked away in the direction of the fleeing players. Snowdrop had to tell her father what had happened. She made her way to the mountain where her fathers forge was located. Running up the carved steps. Reaching the large wooden reinforced doors. She kicked them open and dashed out into a large empty area with a forge in the back. The back wall lined with weapons and shields of all sorts.

Lightning Whooves: “Snowdrop!” Snowdrop was confused. There was only one stallion with wings that large. Her father. But he was right here. No way the assassin could have gotten here that fast. Snowdrop remembered one detail. The assassin’s Lv. was 74. She ran up to her father. Looking next to his health bar. Lv. 23. Now she was definitely confused.

Snowdrop Whooves: “Your a Lv. 23?”

Lightning Whooves: “Yea, I even got the first badge.” Lightning pulled a small circular badge with a saber on the front from a small box on a shelf. “I’ll warn you, she’s an old friend but she will not show mercy. Cutlass is a skilled swordspony and does not give in.” Lightning placed it back into the box and placed it back on top of the shelf. “That’s what you came here for, right?”

Snowdrop Whooves: “No, actually. I encountered the assassin.” Lightning looked to the pony.

Lightning Whooves: “Ya sure? Your gamer tag is still green.” Snowdrop remembered one more crucial detail. Her father is not Istalion. He’s Japonies (Japanese). He was born in Japony. Raised there as a colt.

Snowdrop Whooves: “Actually, he came to my rescue.”

Lightning Whooves: “Then the assassin deems you worthy of protection.”

Snowdrop Whooves: “Do you know anything about the assassin?” Lightning remained silent for a few seconds then spoke.

Lightning Whooves: “He doesn’t work alone. Anyway, while your here how about I take a look at your sword?” Snowdrop drew the icy sword and hoofed it to her father. Lightning observed the intricate designs across the blade. Those weren’t there the first tome he looked at the sword. “Ah, you’ve upgraded your sword.” Lightning took a few swings with the sword. He muttered to himself and pulled up a menu and began to flip through the panels. “Show me what you you can do.” Lightning tossed the sword to Snowdrop.

Snowdrop Whooves: “What?”

Lightning Whooves: “A duel.” Snowdrop readied her sword in her two front hooves. Lightning pulled up another menu and a large Duel sign appeared. Lightning pulled a rapier and began to swing it to fast for Snowdrop to see. She spread her wings and charged at her father hesitantly. Lightning swiftly dodged and began to bob his head. His eyes closed and a pair of headphones upon his head. Snowdrop began to swing her sword rapidly and lightning merely dodged. No more than a dodge. It was like a dance. Snowdrop listened closely and heard music emanating from the headphones.

this music belongs to Imagine Dragons not me.
(Music emanating from the headphones.)


He was moving in pace with it. Awkward movements of fast and slow. Lighting made his first strike to deflect a lunging sword strike. Snowdrop fell to the ground and tumbled.

Snowdrop Whooves: “Absolute zero!” Ice covered the field and and created a longer and much more jagged sword.

Lightning Whooves: “Frozen fury.” The temperature got really cold. and the rapier became ice. He charged. Now on his offence and Snowdrop having trouble with dodging or blocking, but snowdrop did notice something. Her father’s holding back. Snowdrop hit him with a well planed strike. A blow to the chest. Next to the left rear leg. Then missing a finishing strike to he head. Lightning stepped back. “Banzai!” Lightning’s original Japonies accent protruded from his voice. A combo of strikes began to hit Snowdrop. His rapier striking so quickly and his speed made him untouchable. Snowdrop stopped him in the middle of his attack. She launched a counter strike but was quickly deflected. Snowdrop looked into her fathers eyes. No expression. No feeling. No emotion. Lightning yelled in french as the rapier lit aflame and he began another attack. Flames went everywhere. The ice melted then steamed. Covering the field. Snowdrop wiped her sword around causing a swift chilling wind to move the fog only to find that her father had disappeared.  “Boo.” A voice emanated from behind her. Snowdrop turned as Lightning held the rapier up to her neck. Snowdrop dropped the broadsword and declared defeat. “Malto bene! You’ve become quite the fighter.”

Snowdrop Whooves: “But, I was defeated.”

Lightning Whooves: “Were you now? Look at your Level.” Snowdrop looked to her healthbar, which was now on red, to see a Lv. 27. Snowdrop let off a squeal and hugged her father.

Snowdrop Whooves: “Gratzi!” Snowdrop trotted happily around. “Dad. can you come with me somewhere?”

Lightning Whooves: “Where?”

Snowdrop Whooves: “I’m getting my first badge.” After a walk down the mountain they reached the first town where Lightning met an old friend. One who was once an enemy. A violet hat with stars and moons where long flowing white hair and light blue coat of fur. Her eyes a magnificent light pink.

Trixie Lulamoon: “Lightning?” She was holding a staff with a golden star and bronze moon in the middle.

Snowdrop Whooves: “Aunt Trixie?”

Lightning Whooves: “Trixie!” The three happily ran to each other. “I had no idea you entered the tournament!”

Trixie Lulamoon: “Actually, no.”

Lightning Whooves: “Snowdrop, go to the boss’s field. We’ll meet you there.” Snowdrop ran to the building in the center of the city. “Ok, so this is about the Creed?”

Trixie Lulmoon: “No, it’s about the republic. The Creed has joined their side.”

Lightning Whooves: “Mmm.”

Trixie Lulamoon: “I also came hare to protect players.”

Lightning Whooves: “How are you going to do that without help?”

Trixie Lulamoon: “I’m not. I want to join your guild.”

Lightning Whooves: “What guild?”

Trixie Lulamoon: “Don’t toy with me.” Lightning remained silent. “I also know that your at least Lv. 74.”

Lightning Whooves: “Fine. But you’ll need a cloak.” Lightning pulled up his menu and let Trixie into the guild. The two left to the arena. Entering seeing Lightning’s daughter in the center of a dirt floor surrounded by empty stands apart from the two ponies sitting down. Another pony entered.

Thunder Whooves: “Hello Sweetie.”

Snowdrop Whooves: “Oh, hi mum.” Thunder cloud took her place  next to Lightning. She leaned on him and smiled. Lightning wrapped his giant wing around her.

Thunder Whooves: “So, how many badges do ya have?”

Lightning Whooves: “Got my first.”

Thunder Whooves: “Hmm.” Thunder pulled out a box from under her cloak revealing three badges.

Lightning Whooves: “Ah, so your Lv. 40?”

Thunder Whooves: “Lv. 43 buddy.” The three looked to the field watching. The couple watched their daughter as Cutlass walked into the stadium. A pegasai mare. Pink coat with a leather pirates jacket over her body. Her mane a darker shade of pink and black. A pirates hat with a red feather coming off of the hat. A cutie mark of a privateers cutlass on her flank. Along with eyereses as decorated a the night sky. She rose to her hind hooves. Pulling a Cutlass from her side which was held by a leather strap across her flank.

Captain Seafoam Cutlass: “Hello challenger.” Snowdrop did a customary Japonies bow as her father had taught her. Snowdrop drew her frozen broadsword. The engravings began to glow an icy blue. The glow began to come off like fog. Twisting and curling in the air. “Shall we begin?” Snowdrop nodded. The tip of Cutlass’ entire blade began to glow a vibrant green as the smell of mint filled the air. Snowdrop charged with a wild swing. The sword came down on Cutlass like a blur but it was easily stopped by the end of Cutlass’ blade. “Reckless,” Cutlass extended her wings as a gust of wind came from the blade of her sword. The smell of mint becoming pungent. “But I can’t blame you. Ya get it from your father.” Trixie laughed.

Trixie Lulamoon: “She knows you so well.” Cutlass charged with a blow that knocked Snowdrop off her hooves. The couple sat up straight from their relaxed position. Snowdrop barely stood up when Cutlass delivered another blow. Snowdrop barely blocked it. The cutlass scraped her side and left a cut. Blue grid became visible as what looked like flakes of glass began to chip off of the icy mare. Ow. That stings. She’s faster than dad. Snowdrop remembered that her father warned her about Cutlass. Everything began to slow down. Snowdrop began to watch as she saw Cutlass beginning a new strike. Snowdrop rolled to her left. Time caught up again.

Snowdrop Whooves: “Absolute Zero!” Ice formed around Snowdrop’s hooves. Cutlass backed away slightly. Snowdrop muttered in Japonies. Wind started as snow kicked up around the stadium. An icy blue jagged visor formed over  Snowdrop’s eyes.

Thunder Whooves: “Hun, what’s happening?” Lightning smiled.

Lightning Whooves: “Snowdrops special ability. Snowblind. The field is covered in a blizzard. One so opaque that neither player can see.

Thunder Whooves: “Then don’t they both have a disadvantage?”

Lightning Whooves: “Not exactly. Snowdrop has experience with being blind. She only gained sight a year ago. her whole life she’s been blind. Snowdrop has the biggest advantage.” Everything went white for Snowdrop. She slammed her hoof on the icy floor. An outline of a silhouette in the shape of cutlass appeared. Snowdrop let off a smile. With a swipe of her icy blade an icy blue flash appeared.

Snowdrop Whooves: “Yuki! (snow)” More and more flashes of blue appeared as Cutlass’ healthbar dropped like a rock. Green. Yellow. Orange. Red. The snow settled to a thick blanket on the stadium floor. Cutlass’ face appeared on shock. Her healthbar empty. The look on the young icy mare’s face showed confidence. The battle was over. Cutlass got thrashed about. Like a cup in a hurricane. Cutlass slowly rose to her hind hooves.

Captain Seafoam Cutlass: “Well then. That was unexpected. I guess you deserve your badge.” Cutlass pulled up a menu and generated a badge, hoofing it to Snowdrop. Cutlass gave a nod. “With badge begins a long journey. Good luck. Lightning! You’ve got quite the daughter! You raised her well!”

Lightning Whooves: “Gratzi.” Snowdrop bowed and made her way to her father and mother waiting in the stands. Trixie watched the happy family. She followed behind them as they left the arena. “Well miss. You are more than ready to make a journey on your own. A few days passed since Snowdrops first badge battle. She easily obtained number two in an uneventfull battle with Bon-Bon. Snowdrop had been in the plaza. She watched as players and NPCs ran to see something. Snowdrop joined the crowd.

?????: “Alright hand over the bits fool!” A group of players were ganged up on a single mare. At least five.

Snowdrop Whooves: “Hey punks! Five on one isn’t fair!” She walked to the mare’s side. Snowdrop heard a gasp as she looked behind her to see the crowd parting. The figure was unmistakable. The assassin. The assassin kneeled to the mare and handed her something. She rose and thanked him as she dashed to the crowd.

?????: “Hey punk. It’s five on two. You don’t stand a chance. Assassin.” The assassin gestured Snowdrop to move back toward the crowd. She did so. “What are you gonna do?” The stallion boasted. The assassin only let off a nod. Two of the group members fell to the ground. Arrows stuck to them. Healthbars showing the poison status. An assassin walked from the crowd. Bow in hoof. A light green unicorn mare. She had another arrow ready if needed. The stallion made a gesture as five guards made their way to his side. Paid NPC followers. Snowdrop looked to the roof of the chapel behind the group of guards. Two more assassins. The two jumped from the daunting height and landed on top of the NPCs as the guards shattered like glass. They made their way to the side of the stallion. “The assassins I’ve found them!” More guards made their way. This time player guards. The guardian guild. The dragons on their chest plates indicated their guild.

Guard: “Alright vigilantes, come with us.” The two arrowed stallions rose. Their gamer tags red. The two ran for their lives. One assassin put her bow across her chest. Then guards fell. left and right. Arrows in their armor. The players and NPCs watched in horror as the assassins charged and made quick work of the guards. Two more assassins appeared in the scuffle. When the assassins stopped the guards all had red gamer tags. As well as the two other stallions. The ringleader was only left. The assassins left into the crowd without a trace. All bot the one who was first there.

?????: “Fine I’ll do it myself.” He pulled a sleek longsword from a sheath. The assassin pulled a sleek black katana from a simple sheath. The stallion charged at the assassin but was easily deflected. Snowdrop looked at the assassin’s stance. Why is he doing that? He’s wide open. All the assassin did was hold his sword at his side. the stallion took another charge at the stallion but he merely parried the strike. The assassin made his first strike. Shattering the stallions sword. The assassin drove his sword through the stallion. “P-please don’t kill me.” The stallion watched his HP drop. A heavy Istalion accent protruded.

The assassin: “Who sent you?”

?????: “P-please.”

The assassin: “Who sent you?”

?????: “Please! I beg you! I’ll give you anything!” The stallion watched his HP reach red.

The assassin: “Last chance. Who sent you?”

?????: “Ok, ok! It was Austria-Hungary!” The assassin pulled the sword out of the assassin and tossed a potion to him. The stallion desperately drank it. The assassin disappeared into the crowd. Snowdrop couldn’t help to think to herself. How skilled are these players? The rest of the day went on casually. Snowdrop had something on her mind. How does she become an assassin? She walked through the forest. Snowdrop stumbled across something unexpected. An assassin. On the ground. He looked as if he had been hurt. Snowdrop looked at the health bar. It was close to death. Only a smidge remained. She picked him up. After a long walk she reached her mother’s home.

Snowdrop Whooves: “Mum, help.” the door swung wide open. Thunder’s eyes widened.

Thunder Whooves: “Get him inside.” Snowdrop walked in. Her mother cleared everything off of the table. “Lay him here.” Snowdrop layed him down. His extraordinarily large wings hanging off of the table. Thunder pulled up a menu and began to tap settings. “Lift his hood.” Snowdrop moved to the assassins head. She hesitated to pull the hood off. “Go on then.” Snowdrop pulled the hood over. Gasping in shock she backed away. Nopony else had that face. Let alone that hair. Her father. Dr. Lightning Luna Whooves. Son of the famous Doctor Whooves. She looked at the Lv. on the stallion. 74. Her father is a Lv. 74? She didn’t want to believe it. She had just seen her father yesterday. A Lv. 36. He gained his second badge. She had no idea her father was this amazing. A protector of the ponies. She watched the healthbar replenish. The red haired stallion groaned and rose to a sitting position. Opening his eyes he saw his daughter.

Lightning Whooves: “Uh,oh.” Snowdrop starred at her father. How could he be this skilled. He’s just a professor. A professor at the university of magic in Canterlot. A basic father. Practically harmless. A magician. A doctor. A traveler. A captain. So many things. But she never expected and assassin. Of all things he said he has done in his life she never thought he had this skill. The game is designed to incorporate their real life skills. This is a side she had never seen before.

Snowdrop Whooves: “D-da. F-father?” Snowdrop could not come up with the correct words.

Lightning Whooves: “This’ll take a wee bit to explain.”

Thunder Whooves: “Then allow me. Go eat something.  Your hunger bar is low.” Lightning walked into the other room. The kitchen. “Come here sweetie.” Snowdrop’s mother pulled a chair from the table. Snowdrop sat herself down. “It’s a long story.” Snowdrop looked to her father in the other room.

Snowdrop Whooves: “He’s amazing.” Those were the only words she could come up with. She was astonished with her father. He was the regaldo of love. How was he able to do something so violent?

Thunder Whooves: “Your father has had a rough past. A very rough past.” Her mother began to tell the filly of the stallions life. His struggles, triumphs, losses, victories, allies, influences. “Have you ever heard of the Ponies Creed?” Snowdrop looked at her mother. Her expression showed confusion.

Snowdrop Whooves: “No. Are they real?”

Thunder Cloud: “Yes, very real. In fact, your father is one of them. Well he’s retired, none the less he was one of it’s greatest assassins. He was also part of another set of ponies. The Children Of The Night. He was sort of the link between the two groups after their separation.”

Snowdrop Whooves: “Did he start the ponies creed in here?”

Thunder Whooves: “Yes, but the members are the same. There are no new recruits.”

Snowdrop Whooves: “How come he’s never told me?”

Thunder Whooves: “He wanted to keep you out of conflict.” Snowdrop looked to her father again. He was eating a loaf of brad. She watched as an orange circle popped up in front of him. Tapping it his eyes widened. Lightning swallowed hard and began to rush.

Lightning Whooves: “Gotta go!” Lightning and Thunder rubbed noses and he charged out the door. Thunder made a slight gesture to her daughter and Snowdrop dashed out the door. She grabbed on to her father as he began to type a command.

/tpPlayer:LightningWhooves/SnowdropWhooves;Location: “,.’.’,:’,”,,’,

The Chicken scratch made no sense to Snowdrop but is seemed her father knew what he was doing. Panels of white built up around the two and surrounded them in a full threesixty. When the panels Snowdrop appeared in an area of the game that was entirely unfamiliar. Eighteenth century houses which connected to each other crated pathways around and about. Ponies walked around the streets and others exited houses. The homes had old flat square shingles on their roofs and were around three stories tall. It looked exactly what her fathers friend Lyra described as France. The country in the human world during the eighteenth century.

????: “Lightning!” A voice called out from behind them. Snowdrop looked back to see Trixie running to them. She was slightly frantic. Her long silver mane waving behind her. She was wearing an assassins cloak like her father. But some things were different.

Lightning Whooves: “What is it?” Snowdrop watched her father pull a blade from his fore hoof.

Trixie Lulamoon: “Trouble.” Knights walked out from alleys and surrounded the three ponies.

Snowdrop Whooves: “Guards?”

Trixie Lulamoon: “No worse.”

Snowdrop Whooves: “What are they?” The knights were dressed in chain mail and had iron chest plates over themselves. Their swords had a red cross on the back of the hilt. their shields were white upside down tear drops with red crosses on the front.

Lightning Whooves: “Templars.”

Tournament tidbits.


Templars are an elite guild of knights lead by an infamous player by the name of Austria-Hungary. They are bent on beating out any threatening competition.

A wand appeared in her fathers sleeve. Trixie put her hoof on his and spoke. “Let me hoofdel (Handel) magic.” Putting the wand away Lightning pulled a long sleek black katana from a sheath. Snowdrop had not noticed that both Trixie and her father were wearing their hoods. Snowdrop drew her sword. Lightning grabbed her arm and shook his head. Lightning and Trixie went to town with the Knights. Trixie twirled her staff in her hooves and readied it for strike after strike. Pink spheres of aura firs one after another knocking Templars off of their hooves. Lightning stared the to the Templars in front of him.

Lightning Whooves: “Burn, Shinigami (Soul reaper)” The katana became covered in a black flame that was outlined in white. Lightning threw a side strike as a wave of black energy split the Templars shields in half horizontally. The Templars began to strike with their sword but lightning simply dodged and blocked. Soon laughing began to emanate through the street. the Templars stopped their attacking and backed away from the trio.

??????: “So the rumors are true. I’ve only read books on you assassins. Now I am truly elated to see that you exist.” An alicorn mare appeared from behind the knights. She was a light shade of purple. Her mane was a darker shade of purple with stripes of pink and dark pink. She had on white over her body. A metal plate covered her chest. A sheath with a rapier. A skirt covered half way down her rear hooves. Two sleeves that seemed to be separate from the rest of the clothing covered her fore hooves.

Snowdrop Whooves: “Twilight?”

Twilight Sparkle: “Hello assassins.”

Lightning Whooves: “I don’t think you know who your working for.” Twilight simply smiled.

Twilight Sparkle: “I’m simply protecting the princess. And my sources say your a threat to players.” Lightning pointed his katana at the mare. “Oh no, I’m not fighting you. I’ll let the captain deal with you.” Another knight stepped out. This one was in pure white armor with streaks of intricate red lines. His sword was large flat and long. The hilt and guard made the shape of a Templar cross. Snowdrop and Trixie backed away in fear, but lightning seemed undaunted. Lightning looked to the captain. He looked to his health bar. To his surprise he had five health bars. The captain took a swing at Lightning, but he jumped back and made a strike of his own. Looking back the captains sword had smashed the concrete apart. Ponies fled the area. A look of terror lit up on Lightning’s face. The captain charged with the sword lunging at Lightning. He struggled to push the giant sword away. The captain had cut him along his cheek. The Templar knights backed away from the two opponents. Lightning began to wildly attack. His left fore hoof was a blur as he swung rapidly. Trixie looked at the hit counter on the beast-like captain. As lightning continued to strike the counter’s numbers began to rapidly increase.

Lightning Whooves: “Faster!” Lightning began to strike faster and faster. “Not fast enough. Faster!” A flash of pure white flames appeared on his back. “Faster! Faster! Faster!” Lightning grabbed the flames as they solidified into a sleek white katana. Lightning began to strike with both swords hopping around in sporadic movements. Again and again Lightning struck. “Blitzkreig!” Lightning became faster than he ever did before. Each time he changed direction he appeared and disappeared. His steps were to fast to follow. The stallion became a blitz of red, white, and black. Striking over and over again, slashes of black and white hit the captain. “Faster!” The captain’s HP dropped like a rock. The first bar shattered into pieces. Then then the second. Third. The slashes became larger and larger. “Faster!” Snowdrop pulled up her menu and placed it in front of her father. Blitzkreig II. Trixie looked as the blur flashed and struck the giant. Lightning let off a roar and HP bar four disappeared within seconds. HP bar five dropped and shattered as a large explosion threw the giant to the ground. Lightning stood in front of the captain, two katanas in his fore hooves. One black, one white. The black burned with flames dark as the night sky. The white burned with a godly light. Lightning was panting. He looked to his HP. 1/1000904902000239. the stallion fell back and blacked out. The giant’s Gamer tag turned red. The knights ran in all directions. Horrified by what they saw.

Snowdrop Whooves: “Wh-what?” Trixie picked up the stallion.

Trixie Lulamoon: “C’mon, lets go. We don’t want any more attention.” Her hood covered her eyes. Only her snout was visible along with her long flowing white hair. They made it back to Thunder’s home. Trixie explained the situation. Thunder groaned.

Thunder Whooves: “Oh, my sweet. Twice in one day?” She laid him in one of the beds in her household. She laid next to him and stayed there. At the dinning table Trixie and Snowdrop were conversing. The rest of the day was calm and tranquil.

Trixie Lulamoon: “Oh, I forgot to check the hit combo on the captain.” Trixie pulled up a menu and her jaw dropped. She cover her mouth with her hooves in shock.

Snowdrop Whooves: “What, what is it?” Trixie passed the screen to snowdrop. “Th-th-thirty three thousand!! Wait. The captain barely landed a hit on daddy.”

Trixie Lulamoon: “Yes, he did lose a lot of health though. Well your father has a very sketchy ability. You see, he can sacrifice life points to increase an aspect of his choice. Today you witnessed that ability in action. It’s used as a last resort.”

Snowdrop Whooves: “What about the second sword?”

Trixie Lulamoon: “You’ll have to ask your father about that.” A few hours passed as the two flipped through their menus, upgrading items and making changes to their wardrobes. “May haps we should log out for now.” Trixie turned to her logout option. “Hmm. That’s funny.”

Snowdrop Whooves: “What?”

Trixie Lulamoon: “I can’t log out.” Trixie frantically looked for the option; flipping through her screens and settings. Lightning walked into the room, his spouse at his side. “No no no no no.”

Lightning Whooves: “What’s wrong?”

Trixie Lulamoon: “I can’t log out!”

Lightning Whooves: “Hmm.” The stallion pulled up his menu and looked for the ‘logout’. Snowdrop and Thunder did the same. As soon as they became frantic an orange message circle appeared. The group simultaneously pressed and opened the message

Attention, Participants of the Tournament. It may have come to you to notice that some of you may be unable to log out. For information on the situation report to Central city.

-Princess Celestia.

Trixie Lulamoon: “What is this about?”

Thunder Whooves: “We best check it out.” The group hit the teleport ling on the bottom of the message with the hooves of uncertainty. In an instant they were in a crowd of hundreds of players.

?????: “Lightning, tis good to see you.” Lightning turned to his right to see an alicorn with a coat of fur as blue as the ocean and a made that took on the form of the night sky. It flowed like a silk tarp in the wind. A black crown and shining white hoof armor.

Lightning Whooves: “P-princess Luna!” The princess smiled slightly and turned forward. Lightning did the same. Princess Celestia was standing; a golden staff in hoof, shining golden armor plated over the mare.

Princess Celestia: “Greetings ponies of Equestria! Some of you may be unable to log out. Those of you who can’t are members of a secret society. One that has grown right under us since the fall on nightmare moon over 1000 years ago. These ponies are traitors to Equestria. These ponies are citizens of the New Lunar Republic. Members of the New Lunar Republic, you will only be logged out if you either die or complete the game. Members of the Solar Empire, you are free to come and go as you please. Republic members. As soon as you log out you will be captured and put into our custody. You will be branded as traitors and accused of treason. As of now, The New Lunar Republic is at war with the Solar Empire. As soon as you are logged out; we will be waiting. That is all.” Princess Luna had a look of panic on her face as Princess Celestia faded away. She grabbed Lightning and pulled him.

Princess Celestia: “Get your family and leave. Escape into the wilderness and to your home. I’ll be right behind you.” Lightning nodded and pulled the two katanas in the now chaotic crowd. He grabbed his spouse and daughter as well as Trixie.

Lightning Whooves: “You know what to do.” Trixie nodded and slamed her staff on the ground. A pink flare of magical aura shot into the air exploding into the symbol of the New Lunar Republic. Assassins came into the scene and gathered around Lightning and Trixie. Each one had the insignia of the Republic. Luna entered in the group in her own assassin’s robe. Lightning, Trixie, and Thunder put on their own assassin cloaks. Snowdrop looked to see she was wearing one of her own. Snowdrop pulled her icy sword which glistened in the light. She looked to see her father in a a state of absolute focus.  Looking to Luna; she also had the same look on her face. As well as her mother. The other six assassins held a look of confidence. On the other side of the battle field Twilight spoke to her mentor.

Twilight Sparkle: “I thought the assassins obeyed you only.”

Princess Celestia: “They did for a while. But I let them take their own path. They’ve made their choice.”

Twilight Sparkle: “Isn’t trapping ponies a little cruel?”

Princess Celestia: “It may seem so, Twilight. But we can’t have anypony who would pose a threat to the Empire. That would cause chaos.” The assassins held their formation. Soon batponies appeared from the crowd siding with the assassins. They were dressed in black assassin’s cloaks decorated with a little red. More ponies joined the group; each in an assassin’s cloak or a black coat. Flames light up Lightning’s katanas and each assassin or Child of the night pulled out a weapon. Swords, axes, scythes, glaves, and more. Luna pulled up a solid black shield with a light blue outlining. Upon it’s center was the insignia of the New Lunar Republic.

Princess Luna: “I told you to leave.”

Lightning Whooves: “Not without a fight.” Royal guards began to appear from the now clearing crowd. Some players were logging out. Luna pulled out a broad longsword who’s hilt had a moon where the blade met the guard and the guard was two intricately decorated bat wings. Templars began to line up along the guards surrounding the impossibly outnumbered group.

Guard: “Face it Republicans, Jour seriously out numbered.” An assassin with two hidden blades shaped like cello bows walked from the group.

Octavia Melody: “Yes, but you are horribly outmatched.” Another assassin with a green coat of fur and a unicorn horn pulled up a bow and fired impossibly fast as twenty guards dropped to the ground. Lightning let a swipe of his black katana wipe out another ten guards with no effort. Thunder stepped forward from the group. A guard charged her but was abruptly stopped by the sound of a blade deploying. She laid the stallion down and retracted a blade that had been protruding from her sleeve. “Would anypony else like to try?” Every last guard and Templar charged at the group. The area became a madmash. Assassins and Children Of The Night fighting Templars and Royal Guards. The assassins mowed through the Templars and guards. A sudden yell stopped the fighting. The assassins regrouped; Snowdrop became surrounded by the assassins.

??????: “Oi!” A pure white unicorn stallion with a mane as blue as water walked from the mass of Templars. He had on a pure white robe with a large sword. The sword’s blade was a blinding white and the hilt and guard were a red Templars cross. There was only one stallion that could be.

Octavia Melody: “Shining Armor.”

Shining Armor: “Assassin.”

Octavia Melody: “Alright bloke, ya wana go at it?” Before Octavia could walk to the stallion Lightning stopped her with his white katana. Without Lightning having to say anything Octavia knew what he was going to do. Lightning stepped forward and set both his swords alight.

Shining Armor: “Your an assassin. You can’t stand a one on one.” Shining drew the giant sword letting it hit the ground. “This is not personal. I just want to keep my sister and family safe.” Lightning spoke. A strong Istalion accent came from his voice.

Lightning Whooves: “Then we are driven by the same motives.”

Shining Armor: “Then may the best pony win.” Lightning sheathed the black katana.

Lightning Whooves: “I’ve never seen what this one is capable of alone.” Lightning began to look at the long slender blinding white blade. “Roar, kyubi Kitsune (Nine tailed fox).” The ground began to tremble. Stone cracked around Lightning’s hooves. Thunder covered her eyes from the blinding white flames of the katana. “You will regret crossing the Pony’s Creed. The protection of our closest is both our goals, but only one of us will walk away.” Electricity began to run along the sword and Lightning’s mane began to spike. Shining’s sword began to glow and a hot pink magical aura appeared around his sword and horn. Shining started slowly to the assassin and the two put up their swords. They tapped the tips of their swords as the trembling became more violent and a shock wave of power erupted. Lightning slid backwards on his hooves doing his best to keep his upright position. Shining stood tall and proud in front of him. A slight grimace showed up on Shining’s face. Two auras surrounded the stallions. They began to shape into two ponies. Lightning’s silver aura became the shape of an alicorn which resembled a figure that liked like Lightning, but slightly older. Shining’s aura lit a brilliant emerald green. The white stallion began to take the shape of an alicorn; white with an aquatic blue mane, eyes as red as a lunar eclipse. The two starred each other down. Their looks had completely changed. Two alicorns now faced off. Lightning seemed to have changed his mind when he re-sheathed the white katana and drew the black sleek katana. “Burn, Shinigami.” The ground shattered and lightning began to glow with a blinding silver aura.

Trixie Lulamoon: “What are they doing?”

Thunder Whooves: “Sizing each other up. Seeing who’s stronger. But this wont last long.” The alicorn that somewhat resembled Lightning lifted the katana into the air and suddenly thrusted it downward as a wave of black flames charged to the white alicorn. The Templar alicorn deflected the wave and pointed his sword at the now restless alicorn. Twilight and Celestia made their way to the field when a look of shock filled Twilight’s face.

Twilight Sparkle: “Alicorns!” With a swing of the mighty Templar’s sword, the battle began. Lightning became a blur to fats to see, and Shining deflected blows left and right. Not a single one touched him. Lightning appeared and disappeared in sporadic locations causing slight confusion. A flash of white lightning and a sonic boon threw Shining to the ground, Lightning took the opportunity to strike him directly in the chest. Shining rose to his hooves and began to swing his giant sword downward. Lightning gripped his katana with both his hooves and blocked the blade with all his strength. His aura began to flow into his fore hooves.

Thunder Whooves: “Are they really this powerful?” A voice answered out of nowhere.

Absolute Zero: “That is not them.” Zero stepped out with a book in his hooves. “There relatives helping them in times of need.”

Trixie Lulamoon: “Zero!” Trixie exclaimed. “Wait, what do you mean?”

Absolute Zero: “Take a look at the alicorn with the black katana. The resemblance it unmistaken. My best theory is that’s Lightning’s father.”

Thunder Whooves: “But he doesn’t know his father.”

Absolute Zero: “No, but his father knows him.”

Trixie Lulamoon: “But were in a game. How is he reaching him?”

Absolute Zero: “That I can’t explain.”

Octavia Melody: “And Shining Armor?” Zero shrugged.

Absolute Zero: “Perhaps another relative.” A burst of energy let off again. This time more violent. The Two alicorns were trying to push each other back with their swords. A look of determination lit up on their faces. Shining’s aura flared green. This sent Lightning back and the sword out of his hooves. Lightning drew the white katana and picked up the black one. He took a deep breath.

Lightning Whooves: “Let me do this on my own.” The alicorn faded away and Lightning returned to himself again. “Ok Shining, If that’s who you still are. I’ll give you a chance to withdraw your sword and both of us can walk away in peace. This will be your first and only chance.” The strong Istalion accent still present in his voice. He kept his hood over his head. The opposing alicorn faded away to reveal Shining again.

Shining Armor: “Fair enough. We’ll withdraw, for now” He sheathed the sword and began to walk away. The Templars followed. Lightning sheathed both swords and made his way to the group of assassins and Children Of The Night. Trixie and Thunder merely starred at him in awe.

Trixie Lulamoon; “Your not going to finish?”

Lightning Whooves: “We both are fighting for something very important. Best not lose ourselves over it. We were just testing each other anyway.” Lightning knelled  down to his daughter. “You did good, but I don’t we’ll need to fight for a while now.” The fill smiled. Lightning rose. “If you excuse me, I need to faint.” Lightning landed face first on the ground. Snoring began to emanate from the stallion. Over the next few months the game became home for the Whooves family and the New Lunar Republic. Lightning returned to his old shy and recessive self. The ponies began to take up their old jobs. They built buildings and stands to fill and attend their old jobs. Lightning began teaching as a professor in the advanced magics again. Trixie took up a spot as the assistant for Lightning. Octavia and Vinyl went back to being musicians. Princess Proto became the assistant captain of the New Lunar Republic right under the leadership of Luna. Zero became a prophet again. Crimson became a member of the Shadow Bolts. Derpy became the mail mare again. Lightning teaches a class of six. His students are now a part of the New Lunar Republic. The Creed is now the elite force of the Republic.

Lightning Whooves: “Now for our next lesson. Long distance Teleporting.” Lightning pulled his wand and began to wave it until a radioactive green aura began to emanate from it. A student began to talk. She was a changeling, however she was not like the other changelings. She had a sky blue mane and tail. A white piece of cloth wrapped around her waste. The changelings changes from their original forms. The changelings used to have one colored eyes, now they poses eyereses and pupils. Her eyes were blue with a black pupil slits.

Honey Comb: “How far, when you say ‘long distance teleporting’ professor?”

Lightning Whooves: “From one side of the school to the other. Come, lets go outside.” Lightning propped his daughter on his back as he got down on all four hooves. The students followed him to the large courtyard in the center of the school. It had the universities students across the area. Studying. Reading. Talking. Playing. Practicing. Another one of Lightning’s students spoke. A black maned stallion with a ice white coat and red eyes. His cutie mark was a red star. A strong Russian accent became clear.

Zima Kopyta: “Aren’t we supposed to use the books?”

Lightning Whooves: “You know how I roll. I believe in learning on the job.”

Honey Comb: “This is the center of the campus. How do get to one side of it?”

Lightning Whooves: “We need to get on the roof.”

Zima Kopyta: “How?”

Lightning Whooves: “The roof. Hold on, Snowdrop.” Lightning stood to his hind hooves and began to run to a wall. Taking three steps up he grabbed a ledge if it’s intricate design. His daughter waved to the students below. One student after another began to climb the walls. Lightning grabbed the ledge of a window and then jumped to the metal bar of a lantern post. He stood atop of it and made another three steps up the wall and grabbed the roof of the campus. He had climbed three stories. Hoisting himself up he began to assist the students. Once everypony was on the roof he began the lesson. “Ok so, We are now on one corner of the campus. We are going to teleport over there.” Lightning pointed his hoof to a spot across the campus that was at least 70 meters away.

Snowdrop Whooves: “Can I do it too, daddy?”

Lightning Whooves: “Sure, why not.” Snowdrop pulled out a wand and began to whip it around. The little Pegasus poofed away in a cold white flash and appeared on the other side of the campus waving from the roof. “Ok, what you want to do is begin to focus your magic and look or think about where your going. Here’s where it gets tricky. Ya have to focus your aura there and where you are at the same time.” Lightning pulled out his wand. A plain wooden stick with a dark green gem at the back where it’s held. It began to glow and auric radioactive green as he disappeared in a bright, mint smelling, flash. Appearing next to his daughter. The students followed suit and successfully made their teleports. “Well guess what you’ve done.”

Honey Comb: “What?”

Lightning Whooves. “Your final exam.” The students cheered and laughed. “Till next year then.” Lightning flipped up his menu. “And that concludes the school year.” In a building a few towns away Captain Cutlass was talking to some potential assassin recruits.

?????: “Well Cutlass. Tell us about who, Lightning, is.”

(Inspired by the “Assassin’s Creed Black Flag” Trailer)


Captain Seafoam Cutlass: “Alright lads. I’ll give you my honest opinion.” She leaned in on the table. “You ask me ‘can this new captain promise you a life of freedom, excitement, and adventure?’ Aye, amongst all the gentlecolts (Gentlemen) of assassins protecting the citizens, he ranks amongst the most dangerous.” She picked up a bottle of cider next to her and pulled the cork off. “There was a time I thought myself, the best of the best.” Cutlass then got really serious. “But this stallion, is a fearsome dog. Who feeds off trouble and turmoil. I’ve seen him clear the deck of a Spainlion (Spain/Spanish) galleon like it were nothin’. Fighting like he came from tartarus, dressed as a stallion. And he’s a canny one. Knows his way round every crack and crevasse of these worlds. So if it’s excitement and adventure you seek. Then Lightning’s your stallion. Only, don’t metal in with his past. For there’s more mystery of that stallion, then even I dare ask.”

?????: “He sounds like quite the pony.”

Captain Seafoam Cutlass: “Oh, he is. A strange one too. A Pegasus with giant wings and fangs of a Batpony.”

Lightning Whooves: “Oh please, don’t scare them.” Lightning walked in with his assassin’s cloak over him. He sat down trying not to bother the group.

?????: “is it true what she said?” a nervous stallion asked.

Lightning Whooves: “Well, I don’t really like to talk about myself.” Lightning looked to the celling. “But yes, however that’s all in the past. I’ve been a pirate, researcher, traveler, Child Of The Night, Assassin, and a time traveler. But I was just trying to find a purpose.” Lightning talked with the recruits. Telling them the stories of the creed. Their encounters and missions. The people of the creed. The legends of Altar Air and Koltway. “So it’s your choice right now. Do you accept to be in the creed? If not then you may leave.” Three of the five ponies left the table leaving a mare batpony and stallion batpony.

?????: “I wish to become an assassin.”

?????: “As do I.”

Lightning Whooves: “Bene, then your training begins tomorrow. You best get some rest. It’s almost sun up. One more thing.” The  ponies stopped to look back at Lightning. “Your names.” The mare spoke first followed by the stallion.

?????: “Moon Blossom.”

?????: “Blues Wings.” The ponies made their way out of the building.

Lightning Whooves: “Any news on Austria-Hungary?”

Captain Seafoam Cutlass: “Not much. Octavia has learned that the pony is leader of both the guardian gild and the Templars. That’s it.”

Lightning Whooves: “Location?”

Captain Seafoam Cutlass: “No.”

Lightning Whooves: “Habits?”

Captain Seafoam Cutlass: “No?” Lightning looked to his left. He then got up. “Where you goin’?”

Lightning Whooves: “Home. It’s almost dawn. I’ve got to get to sleep.” Lightning made his way home greeting the ponies he passed by with a small nod. When he opened the door to his home three fillies ran to him. Snowdrop, Little Luna, and even younger Celestia. “Hi guys.” He picked them up and carried them to their bedroom where he hit his head on the top bunk and the fillies giggled. Lightning laughed. The little Celestia hugged her father’s head. “Thanks sweetie.”

Celestia Whooves: “Good morning daddy.” The three fillies hugged him and each went to bed. Lightning layed down on the floor and began to fall asleep. He awoke to the sight of his spouse asleep next to him on the floor. When he looked up to the window directly in front of the door way. The moon was up. A brand new night began. A small noise came from Thunder. The batpony slowly opened her eyes. She smiled seeing the stallion’s focused stare toward the window. Lightning looked to the mare to smile as well. Thunder grabbed Lightning’s giant wing and wrapped herself in it. Lightning blushed. He looked to his cloak in the closet. He looked at Thunder as she leaned in on him. Getting closer and then closing her eyes again. “It’s moon up.”

Thunder Whooves: “Just five more minuets.” She said quietly. Lightning put his hooves around her as she smiled and held tighter. He laid his head down and shut his eyes to wake up once again. Celestia had pounced on him.

Lightning Whooves: “I’m up.” He opened his eyes and looked at the smiling filly.

Celestia Whooves: “Good night daddy and mommy.” She hugged the two. Lightning and Thunder rose simultaneously. Lightning picked up the filly in his hooves. The smiling filly clinged to Lightning. Snowdrop woke up and flew and landed on her father’s head. Luna awoke and flew straight to her father’s hooves.

Lightning Whooves: “Night. You woke up early. It’s nearly 8:00 pm.” Thunder unwrapped herself from Lightning’s wing. The ponies ate breakfast and lest to the town which was built a few days after they became trapped in the game. It became known as Hollow Shades II. The family walked around and about. After about two hours they watched a batpony mare walking around with an alicorn that looked similar to Lightning.

Ink Shield: “Have you seen my son?” The mare asked franticly walking up to anypony she could spot. “My son, have you seen him?” The Alicorn stallion caught glimpse of Lightning and made a mad dash to him followed by the mare. He tackled Lightning as the three fillies took flight in order to dodge the rapid alicorn. The alicorn was dressed in assassin gear that hasn’t been seen since the time of Alter Air. The mare in Child of the night gear that was outdated and far past under-graded.

Ink Tale: “Your alive!” Lightning attempted to struggle out of the alicorn’s grip but quickly gave up.

Lightning Whooves: “Wh-who are you?” The alicorn put Lightning down as the group looked confused.

Ink Tale: “I’m your father.” A look of shock filled Lightning’s face. The alicorn laughed. “It’s ok. You haven’t seen us before. But were your parents.” The ponies conversed for a moment an then Lightning took them back to his household. The alicorn looked a lot like Lightning only his made was slightly shorter. He still had the three strands of multicolored hair in front of him. His horn priced the thick mane but was jagged like Chrysalis’. His wings were the same span as Princess Celestia’s. His tail was blue and his fur the same shade as Lightning’s. The mare, a batpony with a mane that had shown she was not a fan of styling it. The mane and tail a royal purple. Her eyes yellow with black slits as pupils. She has a large pink bow on the back of her head. Her fur was a dark grey like that of most batponies. They were talking to Thunder. “So how is Lightning?”

Thunder Whooves: “He’s quite the stallion.” She looked to Lightning in the kitchen as he was preparing tea for the two guests. “How did you know he would be in game?”

Ink Shield: “We didn’t, we were hoping to find someone who had seen him.”

Thunder Whooves: “Well you found him.”

Ink Tale: “Yes, and he has a family.” Ink looked at Luna and Celestia as they ran and played in the living room across from them. “They must be real fans of the princesses.

Thunder Whooves: “Actually, they are the princesses. Well there anomalies. He found Luna when he was traveling with The Doctor. And he found Celestia after fighting the Daleks. Lightning walked into the dinning room with snowdrop in his hooves. Ink looked surprised at the small Snowdrop. “Oh, and he found Snowdrop on his third winter in Ponyville. Lightning had the kettle of green tea held in one wing. He poured each pony a cup and took it back into the kitchen. He then sat down and took a sip from his cup. Snowdrop, who was sitting in his lap was drinking hot chocolate.

Ink Shield: “Well son, how have you been?”

Lightning Whooves: “Fine, I guess. This is a bit of a shocker.”

Ink Tale: “I’m just sorry we weren’t there for you. Your life would have been much different if we were.”

Lightning Whooves: “It’s fine. I really can’t complain. I’ve had a good life. Excitement, terror, joy, sadness, destiny. It’s just how things played out.” Snowdrop placed her cup on the table and began to fall asleep on lightning. Ink Shield smiled and watched the filly fall asleep. “So father, your an assassin?” Snowdrop woke up and moved to her mother and fell back to sleep.

Ink Tale: “Yes, why?” Lightning left and came back with his assassin cloak upon his body. Two katanas. A large leather belt covering his abdomen with two knives to each side of the belt. Flaps of cloth reached down his rear hooves as he stood on them. The two on the front held red circles near the bottom representing Japony. His sleeves had hidden blades and over one side was a piece of metal that looked like plated Pegasus feathers. A belt across his chest held two more knives. No daggers. “A third gen assassin.” He looked in a smile of pride.

Lightning Whooves: “I am also a Child of the Night.” A smile lit up on Ink Shield’s face.

Ink Shield: “So is there anything you do?”

Lightning Whooves: “I’m a professor.”

Ink Shield: “Amazing. For the Wonderbolts?” Lightning shook his head.

Lightning Whooves: “Canterlot University of Magic.”

Ink Tale: “But your a Pegasus, how?” Lightning pulled out his wand and began to wave it till a radioactive green aura flowed around it. He levitated the cup in front of his father. Ink watched in astonishment. The two continued to ask questions. The more they learned about the stallion. His family. His friends. His life. The two made their leave to a house that was unbelievably close. The next few nights went on like average. Lightning introduced his parents to his friends and the parents that adopted him. But he only knew so little about the two. He learned more and more and just like everyone else, he grew attached to them. He began to know them very well and regularly saw them. Even his children grew fond of them. Later that month Lightning left on a patrol. His two parents did the same. This was duty for both assassins and Children of the Night. Lightning stopped to a plaza where Templar guards were attempting to separate a child from his mother.

(Inspired by Unity.)


Guard: “Beat it.” As he pushed the mare to the floor. The child struggled. Lightning walked in from the surrounding crowd. Ink Tale attempted to help the mare, but Ink Shield held his hoof.

Ink Shield: “Watch.” Lightning walked to the Templar. The guard drew his sword but Lightning swiftly dodged and made quick work of the guard with his hidden blade. The Royal guards lined up with their spears ready to charge. Ink Tale looked to the roof to see the assassins come down and eliminate the guards with their hidden blades. Soon citizens began to pull cloth over their heads making hoods of their own. Lightning began to make his way up the wall behind the now lifeless guards who’s nametags have turned red. His father tried to follow him up the wall, grabbing ledges and windows, but quickly lost sight of him. Citizens began to make their charge. Attacking guards and any solar empire authority under the moonlight. Ink Shield soon realized what Lightning had done for the citizens. He brought them hope. Attacks were soon reported across the republic. Uprisings. Assassins everywhere along with the citizens. A tidal wave of change. Which sparked revolution. For the ponies that were once too scared. They rose in revolution. Afterwards Celestia sent even more guards. This restricted revolutionary movement back to the assassins. Octavia later organized a meeting calling in the assassins. Lyra, Vinyl, Bon-Bon, Derpy, Lightning, Trixie, Moon, Blues, Ink Shield, and Ink Tale.

Octavia Melody: “Alright assassins. A group of citizens, mind you a large one, is planning to attack the Templar fortress. Now their chances of success are narrow. they know not about infiltration. Which is why it’s our duty to assist them. Now Lightning, your in charge of this plan.” Lightning grew hot

Lightning Whooves: “What?!” Octavia whispered into his ear.


Octavia Melody: “Make it impressive.” Lightning began to walk through a plan that had once been used by the assassins of the past. After a few months the assassins were ready. The uprising took place in a Foalance (France/French) like city. Templar and Royal Guards began to ready supplies, as citizens were taking cover behind a barrier of boxes and discarded pieces of wood. They held pitchforks, rakes, sickles, and torches. The guards had spears and swords. Shining Armor was readying troops and giving orders as he made his way to the center of the large stone fort. Lightning looked over the road as the guards threw their first wave of spears at the citizens. Three more assassins walked up behind Lightning and watched as well. The citizens made their charge as the Guards fell back. The assassins made their move. Leaping from roof tops and terraces. Two more assassins ran with the crowed in the mad dash toward the fort. Making a daunting jump to where a gap  now became covered by a draw bridge lowered by the assassins. The citizens charged into the fort as a few Guards threw their spears at a few of the citizens logging them out of the game and capturing them in the real world, however the sheer numbers caused an all out brawl between the citizens and Guards. The assassins joined in as they attacked guards left and right. Ink Shield had an axe and began to swing it. Smashing it into guards and successfully derezing them. One swing jammed itself into the side of one guard, smashing the armor and making quick work of him. Lightning was swinging his nightshade sword around, slicing and making quick work of every guard it cut. One guard charged at the stallion as Octavia tackled him and derezed him. Lightning gave a nod of thanks. Another guard charged and fell. Octavia and Lightning looked to a high wall as Lyra lowered her bow. The two cracked a slight smile. Another guard readied his spear near and looked out a window as Lyra pulled him out and threw him into the chaos below. Lyra jumped into the window, getting of the next guard as Ink Tale followed close behind. She jumped to a wooden platform a meter below the next window and threw a smoke bomb into a group of lone Guards as they began to panic. The two began to get rid of the guards one by one in the fear filled smoke. As the smoke began to clear and out linings became visible, Ink Tale pulled a small object from under his cloak and as he pulled a small piece below it sounded like thunder. The weapon was unheard of. It took out three of the remaining six guards with three loud bangs. Lyra, slightly dazed by the bangs, got rid of one more. All that were left were two terrified guards and Shining Armor. A cart loaded with barrels of gunpowder was located behind the trio. One Guard handed a canon lightning stick to Shining. He held it over one of the piles of gunpowder on the cart as the assassins backed away. Lighting and his mother and his mother assassinated the remaining two guards and Shining looked to Lightning as he retracted his hidden blade and snuffed out the flame. The assassins backed away and disappeared as citizens barged in and surrounded Shining. The assassins had won the day.

Ink Shield: “Amazing sweetie! That was so well planed!” A few months passed and things began to settle down. The Guards released their hold on the citizens of the Republic. The had proven their strength.

Lightning Whooves: “Hey Ink, er, im mean mum.”

Ink Shield: “Yes Lighning?”

Lightning Whooves: “What’s my name?”

Ink Tale: “We wanted to call you Trebbel.”

Lightning Whooves: “What’s my last name?”

Ink Shield: “Koltway.”

Lightning Whooves: “Koltway? As in the Koltway?!”

Ink Tale: “Yes, you are the living descendent of Edward Koltway. The greatest pirate of Equestria.”

 A few months passed and the family was at peace for the moment. They had been living as they were in the real world. For the republicans the game had become home. Until the horrid event. Twilight and Celestia were in the castle talking.

Princess Celestia: “So have you any thoughts on the plan?”

Twilight Sparkle: “Isn’t it, y’know, cruel?”

Princess Celestia: “It may be, but as a princess you bust be willing to make the tough decision. Even if Lightning is a friend of yours.” Celestia looked to her panel. “From what I know, his father is the Doctor. So lets show him something that will throw terror into his heart.” She tapped the buttons and a green screen came up to where she promptly pressed the ‘ok’. Within the game Trixie looked to see an expression on Lightning’s face. One she had never seen before. Terror. Absolute Terror. From just one sound

??????: “Ex-ter-mi-nate!”

Lightning Whooves: “Mum.” Derpy turned her ear to her son. “Take my children and go.” Derpy huddled them and they began to run. Octavia shared the same expression. As well as Derpy and Vinyl.

??????: “Ex-ter-mi-nate!”

Octavia Melody: “Everypony, evacuate!” Ponies began to run away from the metal beings. They fired their lasers and ponies fell. Lightning was motionless. The terror was too much.

Lightning Whooves: “N-no. Your all gone. How! How does she know?!” Lightning grabbed Octavia by the hoof and began to run grabbing Vinyl along the way. He seemed to be panicking. “Come on come on, think. What would the Doctor do?” He began to frantically talk to himself. Octavia put her hoof on his shoulder.

Octavia Melody: “No Lightning. What would you do.?”

Lightning Whooves: “I can’t do anything. These are Daleks. My father knows this stuff.”

Octavia Melody: “And you traveled with him.” A look lit up on Lightning’s face.

Lightning Whooves: “That’s it.” He pulled a small device from his inventory. “I wont be able to do it. Because I’m not the Doctor.” It was a metal rod with a black acorn like end perpendicular to the device. The end was surrounded by a red ring. “His old sonic screwdriver.” He held it in his hoof and it began to buzz.

Octavia Melody: “What are you doing?”

Lightning Whooves: “Contacting the Doctor.”

Vinyl Scratch: “But were in a game.”

Lightning Whooves: “Or are we?” He did something to the screwdriver and the buzz became louder. “If our consciences are in this but our bodies aren’t, then there is one of two possibilities. First and least likely; they found out how to create a TARDIS circuit. That means were on our own. Second and most likely; this is a place of magic, and the Doctor can get in. I’ll put faith into my theory.” Octavia looked intently at the screwdriver in hopes that Lightning’s theory was correct. “C’mon. Please dad.” Lightning’s face lit up as the sound of the TARDIS brought hope to the group. A light brown stallion walked from a blue box that read, Police public call box. On the front.

Doctor Whooves: “The Doctor is in.”

Dalek: “The, Doc-tor, is, de-tec-ted!”

Dalek: “Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy!” Lightning looked to his father. The Doctor pulled out another screwdriver. One with a blue end and a beige casing that looked cracked.

Doctow Whooves: “Your screwdriver.” Lightning pulled up his worn screwdriver and the two began to pulsate. “Get near the TARDIS.” The Daleks fired. Octavia and Vinyl cringed, but nothing happened.

Dalek: “Ex-plain, ex-plain!” The Doctor handed Lightning a small brown bag. He looked inside to see a golden glow.

Doctor Whooves: “Use it.” Lightning held up a small golden sphere that had beams of golden light illuminating the night.

Octavia Melody: “The Apple Of Eden.” Octavia looked in awe as lightning held the apple onto the air and it began to glow brighter. The Daleks neared and a burst of energy was let off. Destroying the Daleks and sending them flying back.

Doctor Whooves: “I’ll find your family. You protect the citizens.” Lightning nodded and he began to make his way out of the ally.

Dalek: “Ex-ter-mi-nate!” Lightning pulled his hood over hid head and held the apple. “Who, are, you? Ex-plain, ex-plain!” Lightning said nothing as he slammed the apple onto the ground destroying several Daleks and sending stone into the air. Neatly placed bricks were pushed out of place, windows shattered, walls now rubble, shingles on the floor. Templar knights came attacking alongside the Daleks. Lightning put away the apple and pulled out his hidden blades. Octavia and Vinyl did the same. They quickly got rid of the Templar knights. Lightning pulled the apple out once again and destroyed the Daleks. Lightning held his heart and fell to the ground. Octavia tried to help him up while Vinyl protected the group. A Templar almost struck Lightning until a flash of white and light pyrple struck it first.

Twilight Sparkle: “I’ll hold them off. Get him to safety.”

Octavia Melody: “Your disobeying Celestia?”

Twilight Sparkle: “I don’t think it’s Celestia.” The group retreated along with Twilight. Fighting their way through the mob and making it to the safety of an Assassin sanctuary. Twilight walked in in awe. Statues of great leaders were lined up around a circular plaza covered by a dome. All assassins. In the center of the floor was the insignia of the assassins. “Where are we?”

Octavia Melody: “In an abandoned sanctuary. It was a major spot until the Templars attacked.” Octavia laid Lightning down on the floor examining him. The apple fell out of his cloak. Octavia reached for it.

Derpy Hooves: “Don’t touch it!” Derpy walked down the steps and into the plaza. “It is a dangerous artifact.” Ink Tale picked it up.

Ink Tale: “It does not recognize the Melody family yet.” He looked to Lightning on the ground. The apple began to glow. A stallion appeared.

Twilight Sparkle: “Who are you?” The stallion spoke in a strong Saddle Arabian accent.

Alter Air: “I am Alter Air ibin la’Ahad.” He looked to the assassins. “I have met your formidable son.” He looked to Lightning on the floor. “His is put under sleep by the apple.”

Twilight Sparkle: “Wait, Alter Air? You were alive over 1000 years ago. You are not scientifically possible.”

Alter Air: “And yet here I am. I am mere conscience preserved by the apple. I am here to help for as long as Lightning is asleep.” For the next two months the assassins were fighting three enemies. The Guard Guild, The Templars, and The Daleks. For almost three weeks they fought. Protecting the citizens. The largest attack had the assassins held up at Stone hinge. The assassins were held up with the Doctor. Alter Air stood protecting the ponies from the Templars. Alter Air soon disappeared and the sound of a TARDIS resonated as everyone stopped. A second TARDIS appeared and a grey stallion with a black mane fez and bow tie walked from it. The assassins were at the brink of defeat.

Twilight Sparkle: “Who are you?”

11th Doctor Whooves: “I’m the Doctor.” He looked behind him. “Well come on then, we don’t have all day.” Lightning walked from the TARDIS with the apple in hand.

10th Doctor Whooves: “You can’t be here.”

11th Doctor Whooves: “Tell that to him.” Another TARDIS appeared and another Doctor walked out. It was the third.

3rd Doctor Whooves: “Hello. Lightning. Do it.” Lightning nodded and pulled out his sonic screwdriver. He began to speak into it.

Twilight Sparkle: “Whats he doing?” Another TARDIS appeared.

12th Doctor Whooves: “He’s about to quote one of my best speeches. Well one of them.”

Lightning Whooves: “Hello stone hinge! Who takes the apple takes this world!” He stepped up onto a stone slab. “But bad news everypony, cuz guess who? Ha! Wazit you lot all marching about it’s really quite distracting, could you all sit still a minuet, cus I, am, talking! Now the question of the hour is ‘who’s got the apple?’, odds are, I do, next question. Who’s coming to take it from me? Come on! Look at me. No plan, no backup, no weapons worth a damn, oh and something else, I dont have anything to lose. So if your standing out there in your silly little army with your silly little weapons and you have any plans on taking the apple tonight. Just remember who’s standing in your way, remember every black day I ever stopped you and then, and then. Do the smart thing! Let somepony else try first.” A Dalek began to speak.

Dalek: “You, are, not, the, Doc-tor.” Lightning put the apple away.

Lightning Whooves: “Of course that didn’t work for me.”

12th Doctor Whooves: “I’m giving you something useful for later son. Here.” Lightnings screen popped up and he looked at the Galopfreyan writing on it. He shrugged and closed the screen.

Lightning Whooves: “Ok, sis. enough assistance. Your free to fight now.” Lightning let off a breath of dark blue smoke which formed int Nightmare Moon. Twilight readied herself but lightning shook his head. Nightmare was hooved Lightning’s hidden blades and began to make her way to the several army’s.

Twilight Sparkle: “She was inside him!” The 1oth walked from his TARDIS and spoke.

10th Doctor Whooves: “Yes, she is my adopted daughter.”

Twilight Sparkle: “Doctor?!”

10th Doctor Whooves: “Yep it’s me. So are these other stallions.”

Lightning Whooves: “Dad?” He began to back up as the Daleks approached. He pointed his old screwdriver at the Dalek as it buzzed. The 10th and 11th pulled him back and Lightning ran into the TARDIS and grabbed a blanket. He threw it on the Dalek.

Dalek: “Vis-ion, im-pared!” The Dalek began to fire. The group began to take cover. The 3rd took care of the Dalek.

Lightning Whooves: “Dad?” Lightning’s hp bar dropped and shattered. Thunder ran to him and held him in her hooves.

Thunder Whooves: “No.” Tears filled her eyes.”

10th Doctor Whooves: “I’m so sorry. I’m so so sorry.”

12th Doctor Whooves: “Don’t be.”

Thunder Whooves: “He can’t fight without Nightmare! He’ll be captured and we might not get him back!”

Lightning Whooves: “It’s ok. I think I figured out the upgrade.” Lightning’s hooves began to glow golden and energy. “He changed my programming to Time Lord.” Lightning Rose to his hooves. His hooves shook. Derpy appeared with his three daughters by her side.

Snowdrop Whooves: “Daddy?”

Lightning Whooves: “It’s ok. I’m gonna change but it’ll still be me.” Snowdrop smiled and he hugged her.

Luna Whooves: “You’ll remember us right?”

Lightning Whooves: “Of course.”

Celestia Whooves: “Daddy.” The group became surrounded by Lightning’s giant wings. Lightning then backed up. The golden energy then became stronger.

Dalek: “A-noth-er, Time, Lord, is, de-tec-ted!”

Lightning Whooves: “But, I don’t want to go.” He spread hid arms out and the energy burst out from his head and hooves. He pointed the flares at the approaching Daleks as he shattered them to pieces.”A little love from the Whooves family!”

Fractured: The Final Chapter

I fell asleep at some point.

The rest of that day I spent in a terrible silence. Unable to speak without my voice breaking or a wave of tears to come back, so I locked myself in the small room and left Kai to take care of the city for one night.

When I woke the next morning I felt different. Stiff too, but also different. It wasn’t like some weight had been taken off my shoulders or like I felt more mature. It was more like a part of me was gone. I didn’t feel whole anymore.

The pain was dull and far away at that point. So I put on a mask, not the one that I usually wore, one that showed someone who could take anything, and walked out the door.

Kai and Quetz were waiting for me. The held concern in their arms, but their feet and tail was solid and ready. Kai’s eyes told me excitement and Quetz’s did too with a bit of nervousness. They were worried and ready.

“Gentlemen.” I said with a small nod.

They nodded back.

“What’s next?” I asked.

Quetz shrugged but Kai looked excited, “I actually have some news.”

“Go ahead.”

“There are more.” He said.

“More what?”

“More people like me. I’ve felt it. Two more things like Volt have come to earth.”

“More aliens?” I said with a smirk.

He rolled his eyes, “Say what you want, but they are here. Brine and Flare.”

“Brine and Flare?” Quetz asked, his tail twitching and George tilting his head to the side.

He nodded “That’s their names.”

“And you want us to recruit them?” I said slowly, catching on.

“No I want to go work with them and leave you two losers behind.” He remarked very seriously, then, “Yes I want to recruit them idiot!”

I headed over to a monitor and pressed a blue button. A second later, the lockers opened up and the Fracture suit whirred into view, suspended in a glass case. Another new instalment.

I looked between the two of them and thought about something to say when JKL beat me to it.

“Sir.” He said, tugging at my pant leg. “A silent alarm has gone off in the Comet District, and McClain has been spotted moving throughout the Dark Galaxy District.

I swung open the glass doors of the case. “You think you can handle a few low-life crooks by yourself?”

Psh. You think?”

Quetz grabbed something from his worktable. “Take this.” He said, pressing something into my hand.

I held it up and was confused. I was holding a small metal ball that weighed about a pound and could probably fit inside a thimble. “What the heck is this?”

“It’s a magnet.” Kai called from across the room, powering up.

“What does it do?”

“What do you think magnets do?” he yelled.

“Think of two magnets.” Quetz started to explain, “You know how one end sticks and the other repels? That this little doohickey does. I call them sentinels.”

Sentinels?” I asked, twisting it in my hand.

“It will basically keep metal that happens to be flying at you away. But it needs to imprint on your DNA first.”

“What?” I asked too late. A second later the ‘sentinel’ bit me.

“It bit me!” I exclaiming the obvious and dropping it.

Or I thought I dropped it.

I hung right where my hand had let go and turned slowly. I moved my arm away from it and it followed, beginning to orbit my hand until it moved up my arm. It stopped moving when it got to my chest then began to circle me again.

Quetz threw his arms up, which included George, and shouted triumphantly, “It works!”

“This is pretty cool.” I admitted.

Quetz moved back to the table and muttered, “Just have to test it. . .”

“What do you mean test?” I laughed nervously

Quetz whipped around holding a small handgun, aimed briefly, and fired.

Before I could but up my own barrier, there was a tiny metallic cling! And the wall suddenly chipped apart.

Quetz closed his eyes and brought the gun down slowly, “Yesssss.”



“You tried to shoot me!”

“Tried to.” he emphasized.

The sentinel continued to circle my chest slowly, but I looked closely and could see a small scorch mark where it had blacked the bullet. Give me like ten of these and I wouldn’t have to worry about anything ever hitting from afar again.

I grabbed my suit and went over to a room to put it on. When I came out I walked back to the body mirror and saw myself again.

A guy, not a boy or a man, stood in front of me. His eyebrow looked permanently cocked in a

position that could’ve been debated on being suspicious or mischievous. His eyes flashed a bright green, ready and excited, but hiding something. His mouth was twitching, like it was trying to hide a grin from coming out the time and his red hair was staring to grow out. The suit he wore was like it was last time, but he didn’t stand as tight or as formal as he did before. This time he looked like he was older than last time. Not as hard, but still a rock underneath, like a stone smoothed by a stream. He looked like he had a balance.

This time I found what I saw encouraging, not depressing. It was a good and fresh start, but not an easy one.

Volt was standing on a newly added balcony. “You ready bro?” he called.

“Are you?” I said, racing past him and jumping off, laughing my head off.


The story isn’t over.

Skullfire is still out there, biding his time. Kings has implied he’ll be back soon and Brine and Flare, whoever they are, are new heroes, probably needing guidance. Reyna was out there, doing who knows what and going who knows where.

Overall it’s not something I should be looking toward I guess. After all the life of hero isn’t an easy one. The people closest to you are constantly in danger, you don’t sleep that much, and your social life kind of goes down the drain. Not something most people want.

My name is Karter Michael Herand. I am almost sixteen and my best friend has become my worst enemy. My brothers in bond are both fourteen and one of them is a half snake hybrid. My unofficial ex-girlfriend is traveling the U.S. with her father to find her dead sister.

I can honestly say my life is a pile of crap, but I wouldn’t give it up. Not for the world.

So this is who I am. I am Karter.

I am an accidental superhero.

I am Fracture, the unspoken Savior of Novanus

Got a nice ring to it doesn’t it?



(For all of you who actually read everything till the very end of this, you have my thanks)


I believe with hard work and dedication anything can be accomplished. Nothing in life is ever easy and you have to work hard for what you want. I believe dedication is the key to succeed in life.

For example, all my life I have been playing basketball. I began playing when I was seven years old and I continue to play today. Every year I would set a goal for myself in basketball. To achieve this goal, I would work out as many times i can throughout seven days a week. Many times I been put down saying I wouldn’t make it, or i was too “weak”, or too “unathletic” to play but, that never stop me from striving to being the best i can be.

Last year,I broke both of my legs. At first, I was thinking that what everyone else had told me was actually true, and all of the training I had to do was too much for me so I might as well stop. But, then I looked back on all of the years worth effort I put in to get where i was, and I was too young to let all of that go just now. I stopped caring about other peoples opinions, I went through all of my training, and finally got back to playing again. Now, I am recognized as one of the top basketball players in the city.

What I am trying to get across is don’t let anyone try to bring you down just because they can’t do it. Honestly, whoever talks down on you are just a bunch of haters who wish they were you. Hardwork and Dedication is key to become successful no matter how hard it is. Nothing in life is easy so why not work hard for it? Besides, hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.


Should college basketball players take 2 years before entering NBA draft?

Should college basketball players enter the league whenever they want or take a minimum of 2 years of college before entering the draft? Would college basketball players know how to handle themselves in the real world if they did? Of course, this question doesn’t have a right or wrong answer but honestly, I believe college basketball players should have a minimum of two years before driving off into the real world.

Most people (basketball players) are too young for the “real world”, so they need those extra 2 years to mature. I know you hear and see stories about young basketball making bad decisions that get them in trouble. The main reason for that is since they are so young they haven’t had any experience which causes them to make really “childish” decisions.

I get that some basketball players may be more gifted or talented than others but everyone needs time to grow up. Time goes by quick and, before you know it that extra one year of college could change your whole perspective of life. Besides, the NBA may not work out for everyone as they want it to so, why not take extra time to decide and strategize new plans?

It is good to follow your dreams but to have a successful career, college basketball players need a minimum of two years to at least become more mature. Young basketball players today aren’t as prepared as they would be if they would have stayed in college an extra year or two. Kids need their education to get a good job and make good money. The NBA isn’t made for everyone so why not have a back plan to fall back on if it doesn’t work out?



Drum & Bugle Corps

After several audition processes, I finally did it! This year I have been accepted into a Drum & Bugle Corps (DBC) which is part of an organization called Drum Corps International (DCI). A DBC is a Major League Marching Band (commonly referred to as a corps) that travels together on tour across the nation and competes in intricate competitions that are judged very heavily. The Corps are an select, elite group of individuals competing against other corps for a World Title. This is the highest championship for marching in the world. This is my chance to be the best in the world at something. I leave for tour on June 6th and return back here on August 10th. I will compete in 18 competitions for a spot in the final rounds. Only one corps gets to be the best in the world. This all ties into the fact of how much I love music. I can’t begin to describe my passion for music and this allows me to explore that path even more.

Fractured: Parts Thirty Five and Thirty Six

I wish I didn’t have to relive this part of my story.

But it’s necessary.

It had been a month now since the city had burned. There wasn’t really some official name for

it, we just knew the date and left it that way, but otherwise the city had fallen back to a normal pace.

Which pretty much meant the criminals thought it was safe to start doing their thing again.

It was mainly McClain most of the time, just causing trouble for the heck of it. Angela had been silent since I saw her at the formal, so I was half expecting some word soon. Though I would’ve been fine going through the rest of my life without seeing her again.

Base Three was halfway done with our rebuilding process. Quetz had been working overtime and actually hadn’t argued with Kai in a week so I was very impressed with him. Both of their birthdays had past, and trust me, neither were happy learning their birthdays were only one day apart.

Things were looking up.

Which meant something bad was bound to happen; such is the life of a hero.

It seemed like a perfect day, but some part of me sensed something wrong. It’s like how some people can feel that someone is watching them, but for me it was more like something was off. Like the world had tilted just like that tiny degree of its axis. But I shook it off as nothing.

I had a hot shower and then took whatever loose money was lying around and headed down the tower. I stopped at a nearby kolache place and picked up some breakfast and ate on the way to Kai’s apartment.

I climbed the flight of stairs then worked my way to apartment number 13. The number always made me uncomfortable since Reyna, I could only imagine what it did to Kai during that time. Having to come home every day to that number . . .

I brushed those thoughts aside and tried to look to the future. Quetz, Kai and I had all decided as soon as we thought it was safe, to start a search for Reyna. With what little information Kings had given me we could only hope to start in the city, the Coven, the city closest to us, then the U.S. for all we knew.

We were hoping for some good luck in Coven.

I twisted the door handle expecting it to swing open, but it caught and wouldn’t budge.

Yo!” I said, banging on the door, “Kai, let me in!”

I stood for about two minutes then decided he wasn’t home. So with nothing else to do and it only being about eleven o’clock, I felt like seeing Elizabeth.

It had been a busy month, and I felt bad for not being able to spend that much time with her. But with everything returning to normal now . . .

I never understood how in stories how heroes manage a relationship with non-heroes. Of course I wanted nothing more than to make it work between us, but it seemed like McClain timed his plans along with mine for Elizabeth. At first I suspected Angela might be behind it, but that was too far, even for her.

So to make up for lost time, I began to plan the afternoon as I walked to her house.

Maybe dinner? I thought. Do I have enough money for that? Or maybe a movie . . . but is anything good out? I should really start keeping up with these things.

I rounded the corner to Travelers Ln and was surprised to see a moving truck parked.

Is someone moving in? I wondered while I walked past it, Who’d want to move in after what had happened?

Walking up to Elizabeth’s house, I noticed something odd: her lights were off.

Now Elizabeth isn’t some hippie about the environment or something, not that she was some kill-the-trees fanatic either. Ever since the Templar Wars the ‘ozone crisis’ that we faced had been just about destroyed. The technology gained from the war was immediately put to protecting the Earth and ensuring our survival. So SUV’s and refrigerators weren’t a factor anymore.

So Elizabeth had her lights on all the time unless she was sleeping, and she’s not the type of person who could sleep until noon. So you could probably imagine my confusion seeing it dark.

I walked up to the door and hadn’t even touched when I creaked open slowly. A brief wave of fear ran down my spine, just because of that simple motion, but it was replaced by feeling I can’t really describe besides saying it was hallow.

The house seemed empty, like the life had been sucked out of it. Ram always had his music playing softly from the kitchen, no matter what time of day or night it was; without it the place seem . . . wrong. I moved slowly, like the place was hiding a mine field, not wanting to disturb anything. Dread began to fill my body.

I made my way upstairs and walked past the guest room’s open door. The sight of the bed made filled my thoughts with the sounds of that one night.

Did you believe to be rid of me?” Skullfire’s voice echoed softly.

I pushed open the door to Elizabeth’s room and saw that everything was normal. The only things that were different was a small disk and an envelope sitting on her nightstand. I picked them up carefully and turned them over in my hands. There wasn’t a single mark on them. Nothing indicating who they were for, or why they were there.

I stepped back. Then ran out of the house as fast as I could.

I ran straight to Nebula Forest for whatever reason and climbed the first tree my brain decided to. I curled up on a branch high up and tore the envelope open. Inside were two things: one being a folded up piece of paper and the other was the cloth I had found after . . . .

After Reyna.

‘There Was No Choice’ it mocked silently.

I unfolded the paper and read:


The disk will explain everything but you need to be the hero no matter what.

Don’t quit. Keep fighting.

Ram Marshall

It took me an hour to get back to Base Three. When I got there Quetz was moving? Slithering? Whatever. He was fixing minor problems and installing a new monitor. His eyes widened slightly when he saw me, but otherwise continued his work quietly. We had recently remodeled the sleeping area so went there and shut the sound proof sliding door. I put the disk in the player and sat down on the bed. My emotions were mixed between dread, fear, and something else.

I held the remote in my hand and the screen popped up saying ‘Play?’ I clicked ‘Yes.’

Elizabeth came up on the screen and my heart immediately felt like it was filled with lead. She wore a small sad smile, and rocked back and forth nervously.

She took a deep breath. “Hey Karter . . . there’s something I need to say to you.”

“The last month my dad have been talking a lot and we’ve decided to not stay in Novanus or Coven, or anywhere for now. We’ve decided to go look for Reyna on our own.” She took another breath and looked down. “He has friends from the war that are gonna help us and we didn’t want to worry you. I mean, you’ve probably by now seen our house and the moving truck. We’re putting everything in storage until we find Reyna. So . . .”

She looked back up and her eyes were brimming with tears. “I wanted to tell you all of this in person, but everything has been so busy . . .” She looked like she couldn’t finds the words to say. “I’m sorry Karter but it has to be this way. With me being here I’ll only hold you back from doing what you do best: be a hero. I’m sorry.” A single tear rolled down her cheek.

“I love you.” She whispered. Then the screen turned black.

I don’t know how long I sat there. Her voice rang inside my head, striking my heart with a steel hammer until it eventually broke.

“I love you.”

Three words can change your life. For me they changed it all right.

Just not the way I wanted



Do you want your child to be engaged in learning?

Project based learning is ingenious motivational way to teach students. PBL is an effective method of learning.

Some may say that PBL is only tailored for one learning style, but that is not true. PBL is an inspiringly effective way for students of all ages to learn. There are many benefits for students who learn this way through this system. PBL teaches students many useful real life skills along with the subject they are learning. Some of these skills are; the ability to work in a team, make decisions and solve problems, plan organize and prioritize work, communicate verbally with people, obtain and process information, and there are so many more great skills that PBL teaches students.

An alternative school in Oregon named PBL as their new teaching style and since then it has really changed the way the students are behaving. With the opportunity they now have to do outstanding and world changing projects the students have straightened their acts and this school is now no longer an alternative school but an advanced student learning center. PBL inspired those kids to become the best they could and learn to their full potential.

PBL helps students with the way that they do their work and grow and develop the necessary abilities for working and learning. These abilities including but not limited to creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. This learning method also helps to teach time management, and how to apply knowledge to real world problems. These are very important for a developing student to be learning. As a student I am learning in a PBL classroom, this style of learning really and truly inspires me to do my work and pushes me to get things done!

So since you now know what great things PBL offers students get up and get to work great things are in your future with PBL.PBL helps students. Pbl inspires students. PBL advances a students knowledge!